Looking Back

Music Makers 2019

Festival hightlights from 2019 showcasing all the artists who performed.

Music Makers 2018

Festival hightlights from 2018 showcasing all the artists who performed.

Gavin James

Gavin James performing Always

Gavin James performing Dancing in the Dark w/ Declan Greene

Kim Hayden

Kim Hayden performing The Other Woman

Kim Hayden Interview

Michele Stodart

Michele Stodart performing When Is It Over

Michele Stodart Interview

Howard Rose

Howard Rose performing Liar

Howard Rose Interview

Danni Nicholls

Danni Nicholls performing Beautifully Broken

Danni Nicholls Interview


Midé performing With You

Midé Interview

Declan Greene

Declan Greene performing River

Declan Greene Interview

Lucy May Walker

Lucy May Walker performing You're Not Alone

Lucy May Walker Interview

AKA George

AKA George performing Stone Cold Classic

AKA George Interview

Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers performing I Knew I'd Find You

Treetop Flyers Interview

Albert Man

Albert Man performing Say It Out Loud

Albert Man Interview

Jacko Hooper

Jacko Hooper performing Runaway With Me

Jacko Hooper Interview

Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home performing Push and Pull

Two Ways Home Interview

Jack O'Rourke

Jack O'Rourke performing Silence

Jack O'Rourke interview


Hope Performing Guardian

Hope Interview

BBC Radio London

Albert Man performing Under My Skin on BBC Radio London

Howard Rose performing Until You Are Mine on BBC Radio London

London Live

Albert and Manoja talking about Music Makers Festival 2018 on London Live

Music Makers 2017

Festival hightlights from 2017 showcasing all the artists who performed.

Festival websites

Have a browse through the festival websites from previous Music Makers Festivals.